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Bids by State

Georgia - US Alabama - US Alaska - US Arkansas - US
California - US Delaware - US Kansas - US Michigan - US
Mississippi - US Minnesota - US South Carolina - US South Dakota - US
Iowa - US Indiana - US Hawaii - US Kentucky - US
Colorado - US Illinois - US New York - US New Jersey - US
New Mexico - US Texas - US Tennessee - US Washington - US
Washington D.C. - US Florida - US Arizona - US Vermont - US
West Virginia - US Massachusetts - US Ohio - US Connecticut - US
Virginia - US Pennsylvania - US Utah - US Idaho - US
Louisiana - US Maine - US Maryland - US Missouri - US
Montana - US Nebraska - US Nevada - US New Hampshire - US
North Carolina - US North Dakota - US Oklahoma - US Oregon - US
Rhode Island - US Wisconsin - US Wyoming - US Puerto Rico - US
Virgin Islands - US Armed Forces Africa - US Armed Forces Americas - US Armed Forces Pacific - US
Guam - US Palau - US Federated States of Micronesia - US Northern Mariana Islands - US
Marshall Islands - US American Samoa - US Alberta - CA British Columbia - CA
Manitoba - CA New Brunswick - CA Newfoundland and Labrador - CA Northwest Territories - CA
Nova Scotia - CA Nunavut - CA Ontario - CA Prince Edward Island - CA
Quebec - CA Saskatchewan - CA Yukon - CA United States: Unspecified - US
Canada: Unspecified - CA International - 00

NAICS Code Categories of Government, State and Federal Bids

11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting 21 - Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
22 - Utilities 23 - Construction
31 - Manufacturing 32 - Manufacturing
33 - Manufacturing 42 - Wholesale Trade
44 - Retail Trade 45 - Retail Trade
48 - Transportation and Warehousing 49 - Transportation and Warehousing
51 - Information 52 - Finance and Insurance
53 - Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 54 - Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
55 - Management of Companies and Enterprises 56 - Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services
61 - Educational Services 62 - Health Care and Social Assistance
71 - Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 72 - Accommodation and Food Services
81 - Other Services (except Public Administration) 92 - Public Administration
99 - Miscellaneous

Categories of Government, State and Federal Bids

Agriculture and Animals Aircraft Equipment, Repair, Rental and Leasing
Architectural and Engineering Arts
Automotive Parts, Repair, Rental and Leasing Capital and Construction: General Trades
Commodities: (Heavy) Materials Handling Equipment Commodities: Appliances, Maintenance and Operations
Commodities: Chemicals Commodities: Clothing and Personal Care
Commodities: Food and Beverage Commodities: Fuel and Gas
Commodities: Furniture and Furnishing Commodities: General Building Supplies
Commodities: Aggregates Commodities: Medical and Laboratory
Commodities: Office Equipment Commodities: Office Supplies
Commodities: Power Supply and Equipment Commodities: Purification
Commodities: Textiles and Flags Commodities: Tools, Engines and Machinery
Commodities: Transportation Concession and Operations
Consulting: Accounting and Financial Consulting: Advertising and Marketing
Consulting: Construction Management Services Consulting: Education and Training
Consulting: Energy Technology Consulting: Federal Prof. Service R
Consulting: Information Technology Consulting: Management and Technical Services
Consulting: Personnel Services Consulting: Professional Services, Research, Development
Courts, Law and Reporting Credit Reports, Debt Collection and Title Services
Demolition, Salvage and Excavation (Dirt Work) Door, Flooring and Windows
Electrical Services and Supplies Elevator Install and Repair
Environment and Abatement Equipment Rental and Leasing
Equipment Service, Repair or Installation Fencing and Gate
Grounds and Landscaping Historical Artifacts and Archeology
Housing and Home Services Information Technology (Hardware and Software)
Insurance and Benefit Plans Interpreters and Sign Language
Janitorial and Custodial Services and Equipment Laboratory Services
Linen and Dry Cleaning Service Machining and Fabrication Services
Mailing Mapping, GIS, and Similar Services
Marine, Dredging, and Boats Media, Audio and Video Production and Equipment
Medical and Healthcare Meeting, Hotel and Conference Services
Miscellaneous Modular Buildings and Portable Classroom
Musical and Education Supplies Paint (Supplies, Services)
Park and Recreation Pest Control and Extermination
Photography, Reproduction and Microfilming Plastic Products and Containers
Plumbing Services, Supplies Printing and Publishing
Promotional and Seasonal (Supplies, Service) Property and Office Leasing and Sales
Public Affairs, Liasons, Legislative Refuse and Sewage Disposal
Road and Bridge Construction Roofing Related Services
Safety, Fire and Police (Service and Supplies) Security and Homeland Security
Services (Non-Consulting) Signalization, Traffic Devices, and Signs
Tanks (Fuel, Water) Communications and Telecommunications Equipment and Services
Transporting and Warehousing Water and Sewer Construction and Services
Youth Development Auctioneering and Sale of Surplus
Air Circulation Equipment and Services Property Maintenance