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NAICS Coding System is transitioning federal NAICS codes into our user preferences and searches. 


NAICS is the shortened version of  “North American Industry Classification System.” This coding system is used by federal agencies to  define industries and classify businesses within these industries. These codes can be very helpful when faced with the daunting tasks of deciphering what categories to select from on our site. If you are unsure of what your NAICS code may be or to look up additional codes [CLICK HERE] to search the US Census’ NAICS code database and see what codes may be relevant to the bidding opportunities that you are searching for. 


Once you have determined the NAICS codes that apply to your business’ good or service, log on to your account. You will find, under the account preferences section, an option to select your category preferences. This portion of your account page will allow you to edit and select the category(s) that are relevant to you.  As you begin to enter the NAICS code, a drop down screen will auto fill a selection for you. currently only has indexed the first four digits of the NAICS coding system, so users can only drill down to the fourth digit of their code.


Once this is done, our system will automatically select the categories that are parallel to the NAICS code that you have selected.


NAICS Codes are helpful to vendors when searching for relevant bids because it allows you to quickly search and locate specific bidding opportunities within the categories that we have available. This way, more time can be spent securing actual bidding opportunities rather than searching for them. 


The NAICS classification system was designed in a much different way than the SIC codes. The SIC codes were four-digit codes that were connected to a particular industry, and each company was required to find a code that was similar to its business activity as closely as possible. NAICS uses a two-digit number to distinguish an industry. Within that industry is a six-digit code that identifies the specific business the company is engaged in. The first two digits of the six-digit classification is the two-digit industry code.


We hope that you find this information very useful, and hope that it aids your bidding process. 


Happy Bidding!