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User Help for - My Account

Your personal account page can be accessed by clicking on the My Account tab at the top of the page. After signing in with your username and password, you will have access to many features which facilitate your search of government bids as well as basic account maintenance.


Preference settings can be found in the center column of the My Accounts page. These preferences will filter your "Quick Search" results (explained below) as well as your Daily Email Alert. There are three types of preferences: Category, State and Keyword. All three can be edited through the blue links in the center of the column.

Category Preferences - these settings specify your Professional field. Usually our customers fall under multiple fields, so be sure to browse all category options before completing your selection. Like all preferences, categories can be modified at any point.

State Preferences - Similar to category preferences, state preferences allows you to select the area(s) in which you can work. This will filter out bids that are not in these areas and make your searches more consistent. Make sure to select the areas in which you are interested and available to work in, not only the state in which your business is based.

Keyword Preferences - Probably the most useful of all preference filters, the keyword preference pulls out only bids which match your business' specific good or service. To add keywords, enter individual words or phrases into each field and create an "and" or "or" relationship between keywords. Users may also create groups that have an "and" or "or" relationship to make their keyword preferences even more specific.

Email Alert

Also in the center column, the email alert preferences specify which types of bids you would like to receive in your Quick Search and Daily Alert Emails. The four options are Federal Bids, State/Local Bids, Federal Upcoming Bids and State/Local Upcoming Bids. To select or deselect these bid types simply click on the check box next to the bid type.

Quick Search

The Quick Search is located in the left column. This search has the same results as your Daily Email Alert but can be searched for multiple days, unlike your Email Alert which only provides the day's newest bids. The Quick Search is filtered by your preferences (in the center column of the My Account page). To perform a Quick Search simply enter the number of past days you would like to search and click 'Find Bids.'

You can search in two ways: a combination of category and state preferences or a combination of keyword and state preferences. To combine all three preferences please go to the homepage and manually perform an Advanced Search.

Account Information

You can change your account information in the right column of the My Account page. At the top of the column you can change your email address, which is also your username and destination of your Daily Alert Emails. Simply enter your new email address and click 'Change' to make this adjustment. To change the password on the account, go to the bottom of the column. Under 'Change Your Password' enter your current password and then a new one. Again, click 'Change' to make these adjustments.

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