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Government Contracting in Alabama

So you want to do business with the state of Alabama? Well, it looks like you are in the right place to learn some quick facts you will need to know. Before you are able to bid with the state of Alabama, you have to become a registered vendor by filling out a vendor registration form by fax or mail. Alabama does not accept formal documents by email, so make sure to leave ample time for snail mail or have access to have a fax machine. For the vendor application, you will need a vendor number (federal employer identification number or the owner’s social security number), demographic information for owner, service area of business and selection of commodities you would like to sell. The vendor registration allows you to be placed on vendor list and be an authorized business to join the procurement process. Generally, it will take 2-3 business days to fully process a new vendors’ application, so keep that in mind when determining your timeline for submitting materials.


Quick Tip! Please maintain your information continually for the procurement officers, so you can be easily reached and your account is accurate. If there are     corrections to your account, contact the state Alabama by mail or fax.  They request that you use business letterhead and address corrections to Tamara Norman:

                        Division of Purchasing

                        RSA Union Building

                        Attn: Ms. Tamara Norman

                        P.O. Box 302620

                        Montgomery, AL 36130-2620


                        To send information via fax: 334-353-1878


Most of all, make sure that you have read all the required documents and are qualified to enter a registered bid. Once you have completed the documents, place your bid documents in an envelope with your firm’s name, registered address, and the bid document on the outside of the envelope. You must include your firm’s name along with the correct commodity code. The state of Alabama will not call to notify you about the status of your bid. You must view their official website to find more information regarding the bid selection. 


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