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Government Contracting in Nevada

Nevada the home of Las Vegas and lovingly called "The Silver State" from its prosperous first years due to the silver rush. There are tons of opportunities to do business with Nevada with every aspect of state government requiring good and services from computers to gallons paint for remodeling. 


The state of Nevada does not have to go through a regular bidding process when making purchases under $25,000. They are able to take telephone or written quotes regarding the goods or services. However, anything over $25,000 means there will be a sealed and formal bid proposal process. If you are interested in those lower priced bids, you should definitely get to know the people who work in the procurement office. A key component of government bidding is marketing yourself and doing it well. The procurement officers are willing to schedule appointments with you so you are able to become acquainted with them. Strong relationships with procurement officers and knowledge about the process are pivotal in being well versed about procurement and knowing when bids are out. The State of Nevada suggests these three traits for successful vendors: understand the customer's needs, know their product, and work diligently with agencies and "end users" of products and services. Always be aware of how your business will help the potential buyer and remember to follow through on your promises. Never provide quotes or estimates that you cannot fulfill. Of course you cannot assume that a close relationship with the procurement agency will affect the bidding outcome. In actuality the state of Nevada does not show preference to any potential bidder, unlike many states that set-aside bids for minorities and women. 


If you plan to be a potential bidder, you need to register your business and a contact person with the state. When you are registering as a vendor, please be aware of all the parts of the application process. You must provide the correct commodity or service codes, so you are sent the appropriate information. It is completely free to register as a vendor and you are required to keep the data updated. It is the only information they have to reach you with questions regarding your bidding status. Beyond the a means of contact for questions, sometimes the state of Nevada sends mailers announcing bids specifically to registered vendors. Make sure you are on the receiving end of short-sighted bids that need a quick turn-around and thus will not go through the normal process.  Usually bids are sent out at least 3 weeks in advance in the hopes of receiving as many bids as possible for the most competitive pricing available. You will initially find a ITB or RFP through State and Federal Bids, which you will completely fill out. The bid documents will include all information pertinent to the goods or services requested and the bid due date along with reachable contacts for questions.  When finished remember to clearly mark the ITB/RFP number, opening date and time on the outside of the envelope. The State of Nevada is not necessarily concerned with the lowest bid, but the overall best value.  Once you have submitted a proposal you are entering a binding contract, if selected, to sell the product or services at the listed price. Consequently, you are legally bound to the prices listed as well as certifying the information provided is accurate to your knowledge. The selection process takes place at the State Purchasing offices located in Carson City where sealed bids will be opened and read aloud. 


If you want to learn more, you can hear additional information about state purchasing from the source. Nevada has a Vendor Resource Center which is updated regularly with new policies and tips. They also conduct training sessions in Carson City and Las Vegas. Visit the Resource Center to find out dates, times, and locations.