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The Perfect Place to Start Business with the Government

A large number of companies rely on government bids and contracts for a significant part of their business operations. Although the bidding process isn’t as nearly as daunting as it appears, doing business with government entities can be grueling if you don’t know where the perfect place to start is.

We have good news for you. The perfect place to start is here. has been around since 2006 serving companies who want to do business with the Government.  Our database features an exhaustive collection of active and archived bids from the United States and Canada.

In any business, time is always of the essence because wasted time can mean wasted productivity, and wasted productivity can ultimately result to profit loss. We firmly understand how immensely time consuming searching for bids from the many available sources can be.   In fact, aside from all the federal government entities (including the Department of Defense), there are over 89,000 state and local government entities that may be putting out bids.   To actively monitor just one site—which includes logging onto the site, searching key criteria, and comparing bids to identify those that are new—can easily take 5-10 minutes per site.  If you or your staff are just monitoring 10 sites per day (a small fraction of available sites for a state or small city) then you probably are spending at least 20 hours per month looking for new business opportunities.  What is this time worth?  What if you could recapture 19 of those hours per month?

Providing a cost-effective and time-saving solution to this struggle is the heart and soul of our mission. Our goal is to try and capture every bid, RFP, and contract put out by government agencies. We actively monitor thousands of government sources daily, many periodicals, and multiple private sources, so you can be confident that you are accessing a database that is not just thorough and far-reaching, but is always up to date. We also sort our bids by category and NAISC code, so whether you’re looking to provide fire extinguishers or catering services, all you need to do is click, drop, and select.   In addition, we capture many thousands of private opportunities, which represent additional bid opportunities for your business.  Think of these as a bonus to your subscription; these represent additional customers besides Government agencies to sell your products and services. allows you to create a free account so you can get a feel of our service for a period of 30 days.  This free account will allow you to see all Federal Bid opportunities while letting you also see the headers for state and local opportunities.  (Access to state and local bids is reserved for paid subscribers).  When you find that what we offer is compatible with your needs, you can now choose to subscribe between two accounts: the Federal-Only Account or the Paid Bids Account. For only $25 per month, the Federal-Only Account allows you access to all our archived federal bids, lets you e-mail them to friends, and sends you daily e-mail alerts. On the other hand, the Paid Bids Account gives you all the perks of the Federal-Only Account and allows you access to all the state and local government bids for as little as $33 per month dependent upon your subscription timeframe.  Find out more about our pricing terms by visiting our website.

Government procurement is not something to be taken lightly. There are rules to follow, hundreds of thousands of bids to sort, people to constantly call, and documents to write. If you let us do the leg work of finding and sorting the bids compatible to your company’s services, you can focus your time on winning the Bid!

Sign up with us and get into government bidding the easy way!