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Government Contracting in Idaho

To see current bids that are available in the state of Idaho follow this link:


What better way to reinvigorate your business than to sell your goods and services to one of the largest purchasers in Idaho? Every year Idaho spends millions of dollars providing for the state's agencies and community needs. Most of the money is spent in the Transportation sector, but there is still money to be made in tons of categories including Education, Health, and Public Administration.  


Let's begin with the basics of government bidding and the structure of the procurement process. Any purchases that will cost less than $5,000 do not need to be sent out for a competitive bidding process. Each agency (eg: the state police department) can make those purchases on their own with a purchase order or using the State of Idaho Purchasing card. If the bid is somewhere between $5,000 and $74,999, there must be a minimum of three competitive solicitations. Bids that are over $75,000 are publicly posted through the internet, mailing or email notification. These bids are formal, sealed bids and processed through the Division of Purchasing. We will talk a little bit more about these later. Before we move on there are instances where bids over $5000 are not sent out for bidding. The state of Idaho says, "Purchases from sole sources, the federal government, rehabilitation agencies, Correctional Industries, and purchases than bid limits described above are exempt from informal and formal bidding procedures." (Vendor Guide 5-6). 


Registering as a vendor is imperative if you want to have a searchable profile with the State of Idaho. It is a simple process and completely free, but please note it is not required to bid. You can register at the IPRO website. Although the registration and bidding process is free you may be required to pay a "collect and remit" Administrative Fee of 1.25% when you win bids. The vendor registration website will not ask for demographic information regarding the company owner. The state of Idaho does not give preference to purchasing from small, minority or disadvantaged businesses. However, there are several state agencies (eg: Transportation and Water Resources) that do receive federal money that is earmarked for small, minority, or disadvantaged businesses.


There are three Types of Solicitations and below are defined in the State of Idaho's terms: 


Request for Quotation (RFP): The document form, and/or other method used when purchases are solicited in accordance with small purchase procedures, or emergency purchase procedures as authorized by the Administrator of the Division of Purchasing. The request and the quotation in response may either be electronic, written, facsimile, or oral as specified by the buyer. 


Invitation to Bid (ITB): All documents, whether attached or incorporated by reference, utilized for soliciting formal sealed bids. Invitations to Bid are publicly opened at a specified date and time. 


Request for Proposals (RFP): All documents, whether attached or incorporated by reference, utilized for soliciting competitive proposals is generally utilized in the acquisition of services or complex purchases. Request for Proposals are publicly opened at a specified date and time. 


There are three important documents that need to be reviewed and understood completely before bidding: 


Solicitation Instructions to Vendors


State of Idaho Standard Contract Terms and Conditions


State of Idaho Special Terms and Conditions for Customized Software and Related Services


Be sure to become knowledgeable about all procurement processes and good luck with doing business with Idaho. It only takes a little preparation to make yourself a serious contender for some of the millions of dollars in purchases. Click here to see the current bids in Idaho!