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Internet Explorer Compatibility

If you access through the Internet Explorer browser (like most PC users do) you may have run into a few compatibility issues. This article is dedicated to helping IE users overcome these issues.

Another (and preferred) option is to not use Internet Explorer at all. Browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome tend to perform much better, are generally faster and do not have as many compatibility issues.

Problem : You receive a "Security Warning" popup every time you try to login, and navigate within the website.
Solution : An excellent article with solutions can be accessed by clicking here. Basically you will need to adjust your IE security settings so our secure website pages (all pages after you login are secure). To edit your security settings please follow these steps :

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Go to "Tools," then click "Internet Options"
3) Click on the Security Tab, then click the Internet icon
4) Click on "Custom Level"
5) Scroll down and look for "Display Mixed Content," and select "enable"

Problem : You keep trying to login, but when you click 'login' you get a "Security Warning" popup which just sends you back to the login screen.
Solution : Please follow the above instructions to disable the popup and try logging in again. If you still cannot login please check your caps lock (both username and password are case sensitive), try copy and pasting both your username and password from a text document (so you can verify they are correct), remove any spaces in the fields and clear your browser history and login information cache.
Another way this problem is often resolved is by getting another person to type your login information in for you.

To contact Internet Explorer support please call (866) 234-6020. Their support staff is very helpful and can help you through each step.

Also, if you are experiencing different Internet Explorer issues please contact us and let us know so we can resolve it and add it to this article.