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Writing a proposal

Writing a Proposal

Writing proposals doesn't have to be a dreadful, difficult task for companies who are vying for that much-coveted government contract. Though every proposal is unique, the structure is pretty much standard. Here's how you can write a good proposal:
•  Make an executive summary informing the evaluators of your capabilities and competency as a company; in short, why they should choose you over the others. Also put in your work methodologies and how you're going to accomplish what the government requests of you.
• Provide a list of resume and qualifications and responsibilities of the key personnel and subcontractors named in the proposal.
• Answer the major topics in the request for proposal (RFP). Follow the sequence as requested.
• If you are to include charts and graphs in your proposal, make sure that the charts and graphs contribute to the verification of your company as legitimate and competent; in other words, relevant. 
• Show off your track record. Provide a list of satisfactory completion of similar projects in size and complexity or of providing similar services to companies of similar size and/or characteristics.
• Provide a safety plan if you are preparing a proposal involving machinery, chemicals, or equipment that could conceivably cause injury.

Invest effort in making your proposal as well-written as possible. Read and re-read so typos and mistakes can be corrected before the document is submitted. Complete and sign all paperwork properly. Remember that one small glitch in your papers can cause you the contract, so make sure that everything is spot clean before sending it out.

Good luck!  
Written by Kyra Cerillo