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Keyword preferences are one of the most helpful and efficient features we offer, as well as one of the most underutilized. Whether you're a new sign-up or a seasoned users, setting and updating your keywords will not only make finding the bid for you easier, it may also bring you bids you would not normally receive. To set your keyword preferences click on the 'My Account' tab at the top of our homepage. In the center column there are four blue links. These are your preferences (location, category and keyword).

To change or add keywords please click on the link and type in your desired keywords. How you enter your keywords is also important.

If your keyword is an individual word you need to add it as the only word in that field. For example: truck

If you keyword is a phrase, add the entire phrase to that field. For example: truck maintenance. 

Once you have added your single keyword or keyword phrase you may add an additional word or phrase by clicking the "OR" button or clicking the "AND" button.

The "OR" button will expand your search. For example: truck maintenance OR truck repair. This search will find all bids that contain the phrase "truck Maintenance" it will also find all bids that contain "truck repair".

The "AND" button will narrow the search by combining words. For example: truck tire repair AND transmission maintenance. This search will only find bids with both the phrases "truck tire repair" and "transmission maintenance".

If you have any further questions about keywords please call @ (866) 459-8947 or email customer services