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State Opportunities Abound

StateandFederalBids.Com: Where Opportunities Abound

As a contractor, your client could be the federal government or the state/local government. The procurement process for federal agencies can be more stringent than those from state/local entities, but they both demand a particular degree of attentiveness from businesses who wish to render them service.

In a nutshell, federal agencies are government departments or branches that represent the United States as a nation in various fields and areas of science, healthcare, education, and services. Under these departments are a number of offices that could easily amount to more than a hundred, and they post bids every day! These entities are always in need of products and services that can be as complex as a space ship and as simple as a rim of paper.
State and local agencies on the other hand are offices, departments, or entities that are under the jurisdiction of the different states. A case in point would be the State of New York, under which are the New York Department of Education, Department of Health, and the rest of New York's state agencies. New York alone has over a hundred agencies! Imagine the staggering number of bids posted every day from other government agencies from other states! We're looking at a number close to a hundred thousand!

So while the federal government has the bigger share of spotlight in the business of government contracting, there are over 89,000 other entities from your state and local government who are looking for contractors like you to do work for them! collects bids from both federal and government agencies, but we take pride in our state and local government database, which constitutes 85% (approximately 40,000) of our collection. It is also worthy to note that state and local bids demand more effort and care to collect, that is why in our pricing options, they are given a higher value.

In any business, it is prudent to always seek the best. Now more than ever is the time to look for government contracting opportunities where they abound and where you are confident that they will turn out perfect for your company. is that place.
By:  Kyra Cerillo