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A free account is a great way to test drive our service. Many of our customers use the free account to evaluate the service before upgrading to an All-Bids or Federal-Only account.

Free users have access to the following features for 14 days.

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Subscription FAQs

Government bids are accessible through three types of accounts. Our Free Bids Account gives you access to federal government bids updated daily for 7 days.

After 7 days our users will be automatically charged a fee for the plan that they selected upon sign-up.

Our All Bids Account gives users access to the federal government bids plus all the state and local government bids.

How do I sign up for a bids account?

A Bids Account is created for you by simply signing up. You can select a Federal Only or All Bids account when you sign up. After the 7 day trial, you will be charged for teh account you selected.

Why would you upgrade to an All Bids Account?

State and local government bids are much harder to find than federal government bids. They are posted on the web at thousands of different sites. Some are only provided via an email from the government agency posting the bid, while others are only provided in hard copy format. On the other hand, state bids and local government bids are easier to win than federal government bids. So your chances of winning a government bid are much greater at the state and local level.

It is the job of our researchers to find the thousands of state government bids and local government bids posted throughout the month and gather them into one source for you. Please see our account features and upgrade pricing below for more information.

* Monthly price shown is for a yearly subscription. Quarterly and monthly terms are also available.