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we take the legwork out of government bidding

Frequently Asked Questions for

To whom do I submit my bid?

As a bid aggregation service, you do not submit your bid to We source bids for our users, then it is up to the user to directly contact the government entity publishing the bid. Our bid details include a link to the bid on the government entity's website along with all relevant contact information (if available). We also include a link to the entity's home page when available.

Why choose

There are other bid sourcing services on the Internet. However, is a better and different bid sourcing service. First, we give Federal Government bids away for free. These are bids that you can find at FedBizOpp (the Federal Government website). We get Federal Government bids via a feed to our server from FedBizOpp. If you are using another bid sourcing service and paying anything for Federal bids, you are paying too much.

Secondly, as one of the first technology engineers to have built bid sourcing software, we have taken our skills and years of experience to make the bid sourcing process much more efficient. While we are a young company, the net result will eventually be that has more bid listings than their competitors at the most attractive price for the service. We are only interested in listing real bids that are currently available. We do not publish expired bids or addendums to bids to try to pad our bid count.

Our goal is to find every government bid available in the United States and US Territories and list them on our website.

What is the difference between a free and paid account?

Please see our pricing page for details on our free vs. paid accounts.

I can't login to my account. What should I do?

Please check to see what error message you are receiving when you try to login. Most of these messages will direct you to a solution. If you have further problems please contact us.

My account says that I have an invalid password or username. What should I do?

You should make sure that CAPS lock is not on. The passwords are case sensitive. Is your computer autofilling your password? It could be saved incorrectly. Try to type your password in rather than relying on autofill. If you still are unable to login then click the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the login page.

I didn't receive my email alert today! What's up?

Check your spam folder! Also, make sure that is in your address book. If you still cannot find your email alert then you can access the bid information by logging into your account on our site. Still experiencing problems with your email? Call us at 1-866-459-8947.

Why did you charge me? I thought I had a free trial.

We do not have any kind of trial paid membership for our site. If you sign up for the paid service then you will be charged on one of our three billing cycles (monthly, quarterly, yearly). It is important to note that State and Federal Bids has an auto-recurring billing cycle.

What does this auto-recurring mean?

Example: Sally Doe decided to try out State and Federal Bids' paid account. She paid $55 for a month on January 26. Sally was charged again on February 26 for another $55 to cover her paid service through March 26.

If she did not want to continue her service then how could she have prevented being charged again?

Sally should have called 1-866-459-8947 or emailed on or before February 25 to cancel her account. It is important to note that our office is not open on the weekends and closes on Fridays at 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Therefore, you should mark your calendar accordingly if you will not want to renew your account.

What if she had called on February 26? Does she still have to pay for the whole month?

Yes. It is not our policy to provide refunds. In our Terms of Agreement it states:

"Refunds - Because this is an information service, it is impossible to reclaim the product and therefore no refunds can be issued."

However, you can call us and cancel your account so that you will not be charged again for the following month. In Sally's case this would be on March 26.

Why does my email alert not feature any new bids?

Login to your account and make sure that you have your category and state preferences selected. Also, it is possible that there were not any pertinent bids listed today for your business.

Are you a government agency?

No, we are a private company, but receive our bid information from the government.

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